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Illustration Friday: Queen

Here’s my illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday. The prompt was Queen. I thought about all sorts of queens: from Queen Elizabeth the 1st and the 2nd to the Queen of Fairies and even Dancing Queen, the song by ABBA. I settled on The Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards.

illustration Friday

Illustration Friday: Food

This week’s topic for Illustration Friday was food. At first, I thought about doing a traditional still-life to illustrate the topic. But then, I continued to think about the concept of food and I decided to illustrate the idea of food as in the sense of nourishment. To me, food is not the only thing that can nourish a person. Of course physical food will keep a being alive. But we are body, soul and mind.

So my illustration is about regular food and about something else which nurtures my spirit… That something else is doing improvisation acting in French! It makes me smile. It makes me forget my troubles, while at the same time lifts my spirit and connects me to other people I’m sharing the scene with.

illustration Friday

Illustration Friday: Fear

What do you think when you hear the word fear? I think of dark woods, of children horror stories, of urban legends and of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies…

For the week of September 14th, the prompt from IF is fear.

I love the way Kim Novak’s expression really reflects the character’s mental state. You can tell she’s really afraid of something out there…

Vertigo – 1959

illustration Friday

Illustration Friday: anonymous

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    The most recent prompt is: anonymous.

    Here’s my take on it.