illustration Friday

Illustration Friday: Queen

Here’s my illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday. The prompt was Queen. I thought about all sorts of queens: from Queen Elizabeth the 1st and the 2nd to the Queen of Fairies and even Dancing Queen, the song by ABBA. I settled on The Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards.

illustration Friday

Illustration Friday: anonymous

Illustration Friday is a website and a collaborative effort, where illustrators submit their creations for a weekly topic.

  • The rules are: you do your illustration, you post it on your blog, then you submit it to the website.
  • Topics are published each Friday and you’ve got until the following Thursday to upload your creation.

    The most recent prompt is: anonymous.

    Here’s my take on it.


    3… 2… 1… Ready to launch!

    blog cover

    Hiya! My name is Gabriella and I am an artist and an illustrator. I am also an actress who loves to do improv in French and an avid movie goer whom some people believe should be a movie critic with her own podcast. But all of that is after hours. Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, I am an office manager in an international firm.

    But this blog is NOT about my desk job, the performing arts, or even my love for all-French things. This blog is about creating art, exploring the world around me, honing my craft and putting all of it out there in front of an audience.

    So… This is the beginning of a new road, filled with stories to tell and hopefully new people to meet. Where will this road lead to? I have no idea, but I am hoping for the best.